Grizzly Bear Releases Veckatimest Special Edition (video)

Grizzly Bear will release a special edition of the exalted Veckatimest both in the US and the UK on November 2nd. The special edition features a twenty-four page photo keepsake and a second bonus live CD recorded during their worldwide tour. Also check out their performance of "Two Weeks" on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. Beach House chanteuse Victoria Legrand provides the enthralling back-up vocals.

Bonus Material:

01 "Southern Point" (KCRW Session)

02 "All We Ask" (KCMP Session)

03 "Ready, Able" (KCRW Session)

04 "Foreground" (Duyster Session)

05 "Two Weeks" (BBC Maida Vale Session)

06 "Dory" (World Café Session)

07 "While You Wait for the Others" (BBC Maida Vale Session)

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