Deru – Say Goodbye to Useless (new album / video)


Say Goodbye to Useless


Releasing: 23 February

“Peanut Butter & Patience”, the first single from Deru’s third full-length release, is a doozy, contrasting sharp percussion with creepy, ambient electronic sounds. It belongs on a Samurai Champloo soundtrack. Say Goodbye to Useless is going to blow up 2010. Watch for it when it drops on February 23rd.


01 I Would Like

02 I Want

03 Peanut Butter & Patience

04 Hello

05 Basically, Fuck You

06 Walk

07 Fadeaway

08 Days, Then…

09 What Happens When You Ask

10 Cottonmouth Lothario

11 Goodbye

RATING 9 / 10