Little Girls – Concepts (new album / MP3)

Little Girls


(Paper Bag)

Releasing: 30 October (limited edition vinyl) 13 October (CD / MP3)

You can already find the latest from Toronto’s Little Girls on CD and MP3, and a vinyl edition, limited to 300 copies, will come out later this month. “Growing” reminds me of an early Asobi Seksu song stripped of its lush instrumentation and Yuki Chikudate’s voice. It is pop music, for sure, but it’s the most reclusive pop music I’ve ever heard. Beneath the dreamy guitar and muffled vocals, there’s a hook.


01 Youth Tunes

02 Seeing

03 Tambourine

04 Concepts

05 Imaginary Friends

06 Salt Swimmers

07 Thrills

08 Departure

09 Venom

10 Last Call

11 Growing

Little Girls

Growing [MP3]


Tambourine [MP3]