Aerosol: Airborne

A rather good effort by this Danish post-rocker-turned-electronic-soundscapist, although not a knockout.



Label: n5MD
US Release Date: 2009-10-06
UK Release Date: 2009-11-02

In the past few years, the n5MD label has been responsible for putting out a slew of great ambient electronic releases. The second full-length album by Danish artist Rasmus Rasmussen under the Aerosol moniker may not hit the artistic heights of other n5MD projects, but it is a solid exercise in post-rock-influenced electronica nonetheless. On Airborne, Rasmussen uses short, circular snippets of melody (most strikingly with acoustic guitar on tracks like “Dreams Flow Wide” and album closer “Softly Slipping”) to craft shimmering soundscapes that recall latter-day Cocteau Twins. Building upon simple ideas for long stretches of time, Rasmussen’s tracks sometimes beg for another melodic element to break up the monotony of the longer pieces, but the album is gently absorbing nonetheless.

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