Twin Tigers – “Automatic” (MP3)

So the chorus in “Automatic” shares its melody with “Lump” by the Presidents of the United States of America, but they get a pass due to music being a bit of an infinite monkeys, infinite typewriters situation these days. The rest of the song is saturated with noise and sounds exhausting. Whether it’s an beautiful, religious exhaustion or an “if I listen to this for one more second I’m going to vomit my organs” exhaustion depends on your mood, I suppose.

Twin Tigers are currently on tour with the Antlers and Minus the Bear (dates after the jump). Their debut LP, Gray Waves comes out next year on Old Flame.

Twin Tigers

Automatic [MP3]


Nov 3 – Glass House w/ Minus the Bear & the Antlers – Pomona, California

Nov 4 – Orpheum Theater w/ Minus the Bear & The Antlers- Flagstaff, Arizona

Nov 6 2009 0The Door w/ Minus the Bear & The Antlers- Fort Worth, Texas

Nov 7-Fun Fun Fest- Austin, Texas

Nov 8- White Rabbit w/ Minus the Bear & The Antlers-San Antonio, Texas

Nov 10- Workplay Theater w/ Minus the Bear & The Antlers- Birmingham, Alabama

Nov 11- Firestone w/ Minus the Bear & The Antlers- Orlando, Florida

Nov 12- 40 Watt w/ Minus the Bear & The Antlers- Athens, Georgia

Nov 13 – Cat’s Cradle w/ Minus the Bear- Carrboro, North Carolina

Nov 14- The Note w/ Minus the Bear- West Chester, Pennsylvania

Nov 15- The Crazy Donkey w/ Minus the Bear- Farmingdale, New York

Nov 16- Mercury Lounge-New York, New York

Nov 17- Westcott Theater w/ Minus the Bear- Syracuse, New York

Nov 18- Port City Music Hall w/ Minus the Bear- Portland, Maine

Nov 19- Pearl Street w/ Minus the Bear- Northampton, Massachusetts

Nov 20- Mr. Smalls Theater w/ Minus the Bear- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nov 21- Otto’s Nightclub w/ Minus the Bear- Dekalb, Illinois

Nov 22 -People’s Court w/ Minus the Bear- Des Moines, Iowa

Nov 23-Granada Theater w/ Minus the Bear- Lawrence, Kansas