Beach House – Teen Dream (new album / MP3)

Beach House

Teen Dream

(Sub Pop)

Releasing: 26 January

From their self-titled debut LP to 2008’s tragic Devotion, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scully have kept traction in the music world with a very direct and conscious goal: simplicity. By following this, Legrand’s seraphim pipes and Scully’s stealthy reverb keep Beach House as mystifying as ever. Now, the bedroom pop duo has the chance to break out, like friends Grizzly Bear, with their Sub Pop debut Teen Dream. A standout track on Teen Dream is “Norway“, showing Beach House’s more rhythmic side.


01 Zebra

02 Silver Soul

03 Norway

04 Walk in the Park

05 Used to Be

07 Lover of Mine

08 Better Times

09 10 Mile Stereo

10 Real Love

11 Take Care

Beach House

Teen Dream [MP3]