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Peggle: Dual Shot

Thomas Cross

Peggle: Dual Shot - PopCap Games - Nintendo DS, XBox 360, PC [$19.99]

Publisher: PopCap Games
Genres: Multimedia, Puzzle
Multimedia: Peggle: Dual Shot
Platforms: Nintendo DS (reviewed), XBox 360, PC
Number of players: 1-2
ESRB rating: Everyone
Developer: PopCap Games
US release date: 2009-02
Developer website

To say that Peggle is addictive is like saying that Halo is kind of a big deal. If you mixed a bit of pinball physics with some of the inspired lunacy of Snood and Puzzle Bobble, you’d get Peggle.

It’s a testament to the sights and sounds of Dual Shot that the only thing I miss from the PC version is that game’s graphical resolution. Yet after an hour or two of play, all I can hear are the sounds of bounced pegs. You won’t care what it looks like once you start playing, and by the time you’ve spent hours learning its quirks, you’ll only want to play more.

When you play an arcade ball-bouncing game more than you would in-depth RPGs and sprawling strategy and fantasy games, you know you have something special on your hands.





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