Harlem – Hippies (new album / MP3)




Releasing: 6 April

This is Harlem’s second album. They are from Austin, Texas, and they play garage rock. They are notable enough to be posted about on many popular music websites, so you can be sure that they acquit themselves admirably in their chosen genre, but you can also probably imagine the entire album just by listening to “Friendly Ghost” down below. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

01 Someday Soon

02 Friendly Ghost

03 Spray Paint

04 Number One

05 Be Your Baby

06 Gay Human Bones

07 Torture Me

08 Crowd Pleaser

09 Faces

10 Tila and I

11 Three Legged Dog

12 Prairie My Heart

13 Scare You

14 Stripper Sunset

15 Pissed

16 Poolside

Friendly Ghost [MP3]


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