Coolzey: The Honey

The Honey
Public School

Someone should throw Coolzey a free dime-sack for having the balls to become an MC. Why? Well, he hails from Iowa City, IA. In case you haven’t noticed, small-town vanilla rap isn’t exactly thriving. Of course, Coolzey isn’t really thriving either. Actually, he’s what you might expect. White hipster MC with a chip on his shoulder? Check. Cocky lyrics mixed with self-deprecating goofiness? Check. Tries to earn street-cred by backing up his semi-thoughtful and shit-talking self with tales of drug-use? Check.

Yeah, we’ve heard it before. Coolzey still doesn’t know whether he’s a parody of those “sucka MC’s” he disses or a parody of himself. Fortunately, his DIY beats matched by his solid, if ordinary flow coupled with his knowledge of hip-hop history is enough to keep us listening. This guy is still a work in progress, but he indicates promising things. We wait in very, very mild anticipation.

RATING 5 / 10