Dinosaur Jr.: 21.Jan.2010 – Toronto

Massachusetts alternative rockers Dinosaur Jr. proved to a sold-out Phoenix Concert Theatre that they are hardly extinct. The band, having just performed a free show at Sonic Boom record store, blew fans away with an energy packed performance highlighted by front man J Mascis’ guitar wizardry. Standing before a tower of Marshall amps, Mascis barely broke a sweat while coolly working a bank of effects pedals and making his guitar scream effortlessly. Lou Barlow, who also opened the evening plucking solo heart-felt folk songs on an acoustic guitar, reappeared on bass guitar and played like a possessed man. Unable to enter Canada, regular Dinosaur Jr. drummer Murph was replaced by Kyle Spence who’s tight work on the kit meshed into the performance beautifully. Fans were treated to new material from off the group’s 2009 release, Farm, such as “Pieces”, “Imagination Blind”, and “I Don’t Wanna Go There”. Older fan favorites like “Feel The Pain” and “Freak Scene” also made the cut. The evening concluded with encore performances of “Kracked”, “Sludgefest”, and “Chunks”, during which Fucked Up vocalist Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham joined in. Although 2010 has just begun, I can say with certainty this show will make my top 5 list for the year.

Complete Setlist

1) Thumb

2) The Lung

3) Budge

4) Imagination Blind

5) Get Me

6) Pieces

7) Out There

8) I’m Over It

9) Feel The Pain

10) Little Fury Things

11) I Don’t Wanna Go There

12) The Wagon

13) Freak Scene

14) Gargoyle


15) Kracked

16) Sludgefest

17) Chunks (with Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham)