CliffsNotes: Lost

If you are like me, you’re already getting excited about the return of Lost next week. It has been five seasons so convoluted and compelling that it is cathartic just to know that the end is in sight. Of course, if you’re truly like me, you’ve also forgotten more about what happened in those previous five seasons than you remember.

The producers at Lost and the good folks at ABC actually don’t get enough credit for their recaps. Here’s their latest, which condenses five seasons in eight minutes and 15 seconds (which, by my somewhat shaky math, takes about 4,627 fewer minutes than watching all your DVDs again). This won’t help anyone catch up with Lost, but it is a clever, funny, poignant, and ultimately useful way to warm up for the new season if you’ve been watching all along but need to be reminded exactly what the deal was with that hatch again. Hopefully, the final season itself will be this good.