‘Lost’ Noise: Web Goodies for ‘Lost’ Fans

Lost fans still have a couple “Faradays” between them and the premiere of the show’s final season, but there’s no shortage of web goodies to appease those who can’t help but froth at the mouth in anticipation.

First and foremost is the web series Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative, a cleverly crafted faux doc filtered through a nostalgic 80’s motif in the vein of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. Within the Lost universe, the series had a short run in 1982 on ABC, and it sheds light on the enigmatic Dharma Initiative that figure prominently in the story’s overall mythology. Released in a five parts over the course of last year, what could have been a disposable bonus feature is both satisfying and more than a little creepy.

In 2007, the creators of Lost created the series of “mobisodes” Lost: Missing Pieces that users could access on guess what: their mobile devices. Pieces is a canonical expansion of the series that showcases what some of the characters were doing when the camera wasn’t on them. All 13 episodes can be now found online, and are definitely worth checking out if you missed them the first time around. You may see some old friends you haven’t seen in awhile.

If you’re looking for a more humorous take on the show, go no further than Human Giant alum Paul Scheer’s Lost blog, Damon, Carlton, and A Polar Bear. Watching the obsessed fan hilariously and pathetically try and stalk showrunners Damon Lindelhoff and Carlton and Cuse for insider information is hilarious alone, but the must see here are the epic posters created by 16 top designers as part of the final season celebration. Every one of the 16 posters depict a memorable moment or theme from the show presented in spectrum spanning styles. They were for sale, but they are all unfortunately all sold out.

Although plenty of bars across the nation host their own Lost viewing parties, you can also throw one of your own with abc.com ‘s “Lost Viewing Kit.” The kit comes with a balloon, plates, cups, and labels all branded with the iconic Dharma logo. And doesn’t that logo look good on pretty much everything? Once ordered, however, it’s unclear whether the package will fall from the sky out of nowhere onto your front lawn, leaving you and your party to sort the rations.