Dreams in Static – Serene Poetic (new album / stream)

Dreams in Static

Serene Poetic


Releasing: 2 Februrary

Where experimental hip-hop meets psychedelic rock, you will find Dreams in Static, a Brooklyn-based duo on the verge of releasing their debut album, Serene Poetic. Awash in layered harmonies, sharp analog synths, reverbed guitars, and dense drumbeats, the record — which will be released on 2 February — is as peaceful as it is haunting.

Dreams in Static is the brainchild of Diwon, a hip-hop producer from New York, and Dugans, a guitarist from Texas. For this project, the two combine their respective musical backgrounds to form one cohesive sound. Diwon, who plays drums and synths on the record, is deeply influenced by his Yemenite background (where his mother’s family originates). By blending a Middle Eastern flair with a classic hip-hop sound, he provides the backbone to Serene Poetic. Dugans adds his own flair with ambient guitar riffs, amplified by a unique brand of effects, to perfectly complement Diwon’s dark beats. While Serene Poetic may be all instrumental, there are also plans to release an album with vocals in the near future.


01 If on a Winter

02 The Ineffable

03 Day/Night

04 Notes From Under

05 Invisible Man

06 The Border/The Sun

07 Theta

08 Magic Carpet

09 Heartbreaking Work

10 American Pastoral

11 Befallen By Dreams

12 Kingdom Come

13 Lost/Forgotten

14 Standing in Shadows

15 Recurrent Dreams

16 Waking

17 Crescent Shape

18 Murmered Rhymes

19 Eighty Six

20 A Farewell Too

21 Disquietude

22 What You Did feat. Dov