Black Tambourine – Black Tambourine (new re-release / MP3)

Black Tambourine

Black Tambourine


Releasing: 30 March

Slumberland plans a March re-issue for Black Tambourine that will include a number of previously unreleased songs as well as a photo collection. The four new songs on the set will feature two originals as well as two covers of tunes by Buddy Holly and Suicide. The record will be available both as a deluxe CD and in vinyl format.


01 For Ex-Lovers Only

02 Black Car

03 Pack You Up

04 Can’t Explain

05 I Was Wrong

06 Throw Aggi off the Bridge

07 Drown

08 We Can’t Be Friends

09 By Tomorrow

10 Pam’s Tan

11 For Ex-Lovers Only (First Demo)

12 Throw Aggi off the Bridge (First Demo)

13 Heartbeat (Buddy Holly cover)

14 Lazy Heart

15 Tears of Joy

16 Dream Baby Dream (Suicide cover)

Black Tambourine

“For Ex-Lovers Only” [MP3]