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Sonic Avenues
Sonic Avenues
Going GaGa

Focused on instituting the “Dirty Jangle” as a new breed of sonic currency, Montreal’s Sonic Avenues sound as if it should have been raised alongside bands like the Reigning Sound and the Dirtbombs in Detroit instead of the indie hot spot that is Montreal. Elements of summery pop can be found within Sonic Avenues such as the rollicking “Out of My Head” and even electronically infused power-punk on “Girls With Pearls,” but what this foursome does best is bash out hook-filled, lo-fi garage ditties that must be as fun to play along to as they are fun to hear. “On Your Grave” brings to mind Sloan without its squeaky-clean image, for the harmonies prove as potent and memorable. Sonic Avenues isn’t exactly the most innovative record you’ll hear anytime soon, but what these four lads do, they do well.

RATING 6 / 10