Rocky Votolato – True Devotion (new album / MP3)

Rocky Votolato

True Devotion


Releasing: 23 February

In 2007, singer/songwriter Rocky Votolato released his seventh full-length studio album, The Brag & Cuss, to mostly favorable reviews. Soon, his lifelong struggle with anxiety and depression resurfaced, however. He stopped writing music and cut himself off entirely from the outside world, holing up in his apartment for more than a year. In an effort to overcome his demons, Votolato spent time studying existential philosophy, history, physics, and theology. Before long, he began writing music again. His upcoming album, True Devotion is the result of those writing sessions.

The new record gives listeners a look into Votolato’s life; a powerful acoustic retelling of his downfalls (see “Lucky Clover Coin”) and his determination (see “Fragments”).


01 Lucy Clover Coin

02 Fragments

03 Red River

04 Eyes Like Static

05 Sparklers

06 Instrument

07 What Waited for Me

08 Sun Devil

09 Don’t Be Angry

10 Where We Started

Rocky Votolato

“Red River” [MP3]