Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here (new album / video / stream)

Gil Scott-Heron

I’m New Here


Releasing: 9 February

Spoken word artist and poet Gil Scott-Heron was a massive influence on the development of hip-hop. His socially and politically conscious work of the late ’60s and ’70s and performance style strongly anticipated the more brainy styles of rap and even less obvious genres such as acid jazz. Next week Scott-Heron releases his first album in 13 years with I’m New Here and the first video has hit the Internet. Plus, you can stream the whole album below.


01 On Coming from a Broken Home (Pt. 1)

02 Me and the Devil

03 I’m New Here

04 Your Soul and Mine

05 Parents (Interlude)

06 I’ll Take Care of You

07 Being Blessed (interlude)

08 Where Did the Night Go

09 I Was Guided (Interlude)

10 New York Is Killing Me

11 Certain Things (Interlude)

12 Running

13 The Crutch

14 I’ve Been Me (Interlude)

15 On Coming from a Broken Home (Pt. 2)