The Electric Pop Group – Seconds (new album / MP3s)

The Electric Pop Group



Released: 2 February

I’ve been watching a lot of 1970s Pippi Longstocking movies lately. I adored them as a kid, and now I’ve managed to finagle my own children into loving the little ginger moppet with the big shoes and the bad dubbing. Funny thing is, after spending so much time back at Villa Villekulla, I find myself hankering to hear stuff like the Lucksmiths, the Vaselines, the Housemartins. In short, Pippi makes me wanna get my twee on. I can think of no better way to get your twee on today than Sweden’s own Electric Pop Group. The brothers Aamot sound like they are fresh from the Villa Villekula, with those wistful vocals and shimmery, jangly guitars. Their newest album, Seconds, is now available on Matinee Recordings.


01 Not By Another

02 Out of Sight

03 I Know I Will

04 Drawing Lines

05 My Only Inspiration

06 In The Back of My Mind

07 The Way It Used to Do

08 Into Thin Air

09 We Never Made Up Our Minds

10 The Best of Times

“Not By Another” [MP3]


“The Way It Used to Do” [MP3]