Phantogram – Eyelid Movies (new album / stream)

Phantogram is influenced by a variety of sensations, aspirations, and visions, the combination of which explode into an array of atmospheric and organic sounds. Hailing from Upstate New York, the duo draws from a wide range of music — from hip-hop to trip-hop to garage rock to avant-garde. Where other bands would likely fail meshing these genres into a coherent set of sounds, Phantogram flourishes. Their songs have a three-dimensional quality, which is fitting considering the actual definition of a “phantogram” is a two-dimensional object that appears three-dimensional.

Their album, Eyelid Movies, was released on 9 February and is currently streaming over on NPR and on Lala below..


01 Mouthful of Diamonds

02 When I’m Small

03 Turn It Off

04 Running from the Cops

05 All Dried Up

06 As Far As I Can See

07 You Are the Ocean

08 Bloody Palms

09 Futuristic Casket

10 Let Me Go

11 10,000 Claps