Missed Directions: Going For Gold

He’s the greatest superhero you’ve never heard of! Well, if you follow the DCU you’ve probably heard of him, but may not yet have embraced him. His name is Booster Gold. And now’s the time to get to know him.

Booster Gold comes to us a failure from the future only to return to the past a hero to protect the timeline. His cover? An egocentric, media-hungry, JLA B-Lister named. . .Booster Gold. In fact, not only might he be the greatest superhero you’ve never heard of, but it’s high time Booster Gold take his place among the pantheon of the greatest superheroes of all-time.

Here’s why:

1) He takes the altruism of the hero to new levels. Not only do he and his flying robot companion Skeets travel throughout time to protect and serve, Booster Gold gets absolutely no credit for his good deeds. In fact, he is sometimes derided as the result of his superficial cover (which protects anyone from going back in time and killing him before he can begin his mission).

2) Not only does he not receive credit for his good deeds, but he’s out there making sure that all the good work done by the rest of the JLA is not undone. Booster Gold is a superhero who protects not only regular folks, but other superheroes as well. He’s a superhero’s superhero.

3) He fights the good fight. Before realizing that some points in time are fixed and unchangeable, Booster Gold tried tirelessly to save Barbara Gordon from being shot by the Joker. That’s a hero who can be trusted with epic responsibilities.

4) Finally, in the great heroic tradition, Booster Gold fights the good fight, breaks the rules when they need to be (or can be) broken to do what’s right. In fact, this and all the above qualities are reasons we should all try to become a little more like Booster Gold.

With a compelling storyline by Dan Jurgens and art by Norm Rapmund, Booster Gold #28, “The Tomorrow Memory Part One” is the beginning of a new cycle. It is the perfect chance for those of you who haven’t to make Booster Gold the greatest you HAVE heard of. To not do so would surely be a Missed Direction.