MiC K!ng and Chum: Flavor Ade

MiC K!ng and Chum
Flavor Ade
Fake Four Inc.

In today’s hip-hop world, money, misogyny, and material fascination reign supreme as pervasive themes. This has more or less become an ingrained part of the culture, but what MiC K!ng and Chum, collectively known as Cool-Aide, remind us is that hip-hop started at dancehalls and parties where the only objective was to have a good time. Their latest record, Flavor Ade, kicks off with “Snake Oil” and a guest spot from Atmosphere’s Slug, utilizing a classy guitar and horn sample and allowing MiC K!ng to put to rest any rumors that he lost his lyrical game. The slinky “Gimme Some Sugar” is a classic retooling of the hip-hop seduction song, and “Run for Your Life” serves as both a bouncing ode to perseverance and MiC K!ng’s participation in a half marathon for charity. “Wordperfect” featuring Elzhi of Slum Village is a three-minute clinic on rhyme design and punchlines that would impress KRS-One. Flavor Ade is refreshing and summery, with a bevy of terrific sample-drive beats that put the fun back in social function with a Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff kind of ease. Together, Cool-Aide exude the party-starting vibe and excited exuberance that encourages even the most rhythmically-challenged chump to get funky fresh and dance.

RATING 8 / 10