Mary Gauthier - The Foundling (new album / MP3)

Mary Gauthier

The Foundling

(Razor & Tie)

Releasing: 18 May

Celebrated New Orleans singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier offers up an album-length autobiographical tale on her upcoming new album The Foundling. Gauthier's life has been one of questions as she was given up for adoption shortly after birth and so the search for identity has long been an important theme in her work. She describes the new record's purpose as a song cycle about relinquishment and adoption, but for years the songs I was trying to write didn’t have an emotional center. When I found my mother, I found the emotional center of the album, as well as the explanation for the ‘orphan feeling’ I’d lived with since I was a child." Catch Gauthier on the road this spring (tour dates after the jump).


01 The Foundling

02 Mama Here, Mama Gone

03 Goodbye

04 Sideshow

05 Interlude 1

06 Blood Is Blood

07 March 11, 1962

08 Walk in the Water

09 Interlude 2

10 Sweet Words

11 The Orphan King

12 Another Day Borrowed

13 Coda

Sideshow [MP3]



April 16 Northampton, MA Iron Horse Music Hall

April 18 Somerville, MA Somerville Theater*

April 20 Larchmont, NY Watercolor Café

April 21 Rosendale, NY Rosendale Café

April 22 New York, NY The Concert Hall*

April 23 Fall River, MA Narrows Center for the Arts

April 25 Indio, CA Stagecoach

May 6 Minneapolis, MN Cedar Cultural Center†

May 7 Cedar Rapids, IA CSPS†

May 8 Chicago, IL Old Town School of Folk Music†

June 13 Bellows Falls, VT Rockingham Meeting House

* Special Guest to Cowboy Junkies

† With Mindy Smith

(additional dates to be announced)

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