Aidan Knight: Versicolour

Aidan Knight
Adventure Boys Club

Folks in and around British Columbia’s music scene know Aidan Knight as a talented backing musician who would serve as a fine addition to their band. Yet finally, on Versicolour, Knight gets his time in the sun on this oddly charming and delightfully catchy release. Beginning with the subtle, chamber-pop touch of “The Sun”, Knight’s ability to weave a path between simple acoustic stylings and larger ideas rich with opportunity becomes evident throughout Versicolour. Though the eight songs never grow into something out of control, they move with a kind of poetry so dense that emotions are very easily stirred. Knight’s haunting approach to delivering his lyrics works in near perfect synergy with the delivery of his shuffling masterpieces. Closing with Knight’s foray into Americana, “Jasper” provides some of Versicolour’s deftest harmonies and not only leaves listeners with a good taste in their mouth, but renders many excited about the wealth of possibility in Knight’s future.

RATING 6 / 10