Balkan Beat Box – Blue Eyed Black Boy (new album / stream / video)

Balkan Beat Box

Blue Eyed Black Boy

(Nat Geo Music)

Releasing: 27 April

Ori Kaplan — ex-Gogol Bordello — formed the “gypsy-punk” band Balkan Beat Box some years ago, having released their debut album in 2005 and finding a steady and amazing audience since then. Their new album is Blue Eyed Black Boy, and it’s kind of a rollicking adventure through so many musical forms it’ll kind of leave your head spinning.


01 Intro

02 Move It

03 Blue Eyed Black Boy

04 Marcha de la Vida

05 Dancing With The Moon

06 Kabulectro

07 My Baby

08 Balcumbia

09 Look Them Act

10 Smatron

11 Lijepa Mare

12 Why

13 Buhala

14 War Again