MGMT – Congratulations (new album / stream)




Releasing: 13 April

Recording the follow-up to your critically-acclaimed debut album has to be a nerve-wracking affair. As a band, do you go with the same sound/formula you used on the first record? Or, do you venture outside the box and approach things from a completely different perspective? On MGMT’s sophomore album Congratulations, they successfully manage to do both.

Currently streaming on their homepage, the duo’s new record is decorated with the same new wave synthesizer riffs and catchy pop melodies they used on their first album, Oracular Spectacular in 2008. But this time, Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden have injected the album’s nine songs with a heavy dose of prog rock and ’60s psychedelia (that is, more psychedelia than the first album).


01 It’s Working

02 Song for Dan Treacy

03 Someone’s Missing

04 Flash Delirium

05 I Found a Whistle

06 Siberian Breaks

07 Brian Eno

08 Lady Dada’s Nightmare

09 Congratulations