Marina and the Diamonds – The Family Jewels (new album / video)

Marina and the Diamonds

The Family Jewels

(Chop Shop/679)

Releasing: 22 February (UK) / 25 May (US)

On Marina Diamandis’ MySpace, she asks herself a simple yet penetrating question, one any young artist who is looking to build a fan base without having to submit to the confines of the tabloid mainstream might ask themselves: “Can you be within popular culture without becoming it?”

The query could be considered rhetorical. However, after close inspection of Diamandis’ lyrics, you slowly begin to think otherwise. (Case in point: on her song “Hollywood” she boasts “I’m obsessed with the mess that’s America”.) Marina Diamandis, better known as Marina and the Diamonds (she is a solo act; the Diamonds is a reference to her fans), is a burgeoning singer-songwriter of Greek-Welsh descent who has already made a big splash on the UK pop music scene. Her first studio album, The Family Jewels, debuted at number five on the Britain charts back in February. The record will see its US release on May 25.


01 Are You Satisfied?

02 Shampain

03 I Am Not a Robot

04 Girls

05 Mowgli’s Road

06 Obsessions

07 Hollywood

08 The Outsider

09 Hermit the Frog

10 Oh No!

11 Rootless

12 Numb

13 Guilty

14 The Family Jewels (iTunes Bonus Track)


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