Clipping all the difference(s) into patterns of hierarchy all around!

Lt. Dan Choi in front of the WHite House,

handcuffed to the gate in his military fatigues,

discharged from being gay.

Wow, other people’s moral judgments just get sicker and sicker. Just goes to show that it never pays to ask a people to deny themselves. Caution, when I watched this clip streaming on, it was preceded by a candy bar commercial where a family father ogles over a trio of teen girls in front of his wife who stands next to him struggling with their infant. The sweet confection gave the man time enough to think of an amenable excuse for checking out the prepubertal set of scantily clad young maidens: “I’m looking at potential babysitters,” he finally blurts out after his candy-snack jack. He was gonna exploit them one way or another — or both! In the same warped universe around the same warped time, there was also story about an announcement made over the PA system in a retail shop in Jersey: “Attention Wal-Mart customers, all Black people leave the store now.” So, this should all situate the following clip about a military service woman being granted a marriage license by one state, outed to her government employer by the police, and dropped by the sidelines by our society in the same warped nation-state. Ask. Tell. And See this:

Civil Disobedience in Fatigues

But wait, it gets better. Lt. Dan Choi said, in the indelible words of disco diva Donna Summer in a classic queer collaboration with dame Barbara Streisand: Enough is Enough is Enough is Enough is Enough…I can’t go on no more, naw! “Look how still he is,” says the lame correspondent. Why should we have to stoop so low.