Beautiful Supermachines: Shut Up

Beautiful Supermachines
Shut Up
Chicken Ranch

Reminiscent of Pavement, Beautiful Supermachines’ Shut Up is finely crafted in the studio by frontman David Williams. Williams has done recordings for the Jungle Brothers and, oh, by the way, kicked a hefty heroin habit. The three-years-sober Williams uses every inch of space in his recording to its fullest potential. The result of his hard work is Shut Up, a multi-dimensional rock album of compelling song structures. Williams has put together a band to perform the music live, but the extra band members only contributed to the record here and there. The album begins with “The Stadium Moves”, a stunner of a song with a droning bass-line that hypnotizes and shocks with a somehow pleasant series of dissonant notes. Also, check out “The Miserablists”, a rock anthem that arises out of sonic chaos like a steed of psychedelic rock. Says Williams: “I wanted to make an album where you heard a little more every time you listened to it.” You’ve just got to shut up and listen.

RATING 6 / 10