Burn Planetarium: Burn Planetarium EP

Cheeky young pop well worth a few listens.

Burn Planetarium

Burn Planetarium EP

UK Release: Import
Label: Independent
US Release Date: 2009-07-14

The raucous and cheeky nature of Burn Planetarium’s self-titled debut EP is undeniably fun to lend an ear to. It’s a bombastic listen that’s furious in scope and good and bumpy in its sonic capabilities. Each of the seven tracks begs listeners to shake their moneymakers, not least of which the hearty and cheeky young pop of “Death! Death! Death!”. Burn Planetarium is way too easy to categorize, but that really shouldn’t matter. These five young lads have documented their merriment and haven’t looked back. There are smallish rooms that Burn Planetarium will soon be able to dominate with ease. While there’s no shame in that, the band will have to expose their demons and the crevices of their sound if they’d like to expand at all. But for the time being, show your smile and Burn Planetarium will show you theirs.

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