The Hold Steady – Heaven Is Whenever (new album / stream)

The Hold Steady

Heaven Is Whenever


Releasing: 4 May

The Hold Steady have been dropping pre-release tracks from their forthcoming album, Heaven Is Whenever, like they’re going out of style, offering up three new songs as exclusive premieres on various online sites. The album is among the most anticipated of the spring, especially since the band has been trumpeting a change in direction this time around from its thinking man’s bar-rock anthems to something “sonically more diverse”, as guitarist Tad Kubler puts it. Don’t know if any of the three leaked numbers stray too far from the Hold Steady’s consistently winning formula, but we’ll find out soon enough when Heaven Is Whenever comes out in May.


01 The Sweet Part of the City

02 Soft in the Center

03 The Weekenders

04 The Smidge

05 Rock Problems

06 We Can Get Together

07 Hurricane J

08 Barely Breathing

09 Our Whole Lives

10 A Slight Discomfort