Missed Directions: MPGPD Awareness Week

Multiple Power Girl Personality Disorder (MPGPD) is a serious and, currently, untreatable condition that happens when the character known as Power Girl has completely different personalities in the comics in which she appears. When Power Girl is taciturn in the pages of JSA or JSA: All Stars and a goofy bit of alright in the pages of her own self-titled (and, frankly, much more entertaining and engaging) comic you know you are witnessing a case of MPGPD.

How do you know this is happening? It’s simple: She looks the same but acts differently. She flies around, punches and takes down the bad guy and then cracks a joke that’s, actually, funny.

This shocking and newly discovered disorder should not stop you from reading one title over another in which Power Girl appears. In fact, in order to keep track of, and continue to study this phenomenon it is important for as many people as possible to continue reading as many comics in which Power Girl saves the day.

Some readers have expressed fear that they may catch a case of MPGPD, that they may experience a mental bifurcation or a psychogenic fugue of some sort. I assure you that this is very unlikely. This is a condition that, by and large, only happens to comic book characters written by more than one author at the same time.

But, what about your other favorite characters? Aren’t they at risk? Have cases similar to MPGPD happened in the past? The short answer is, sadly, yes. Many cases bearing a similarity to MPGPD have taken place throughout the history of comics, but now is not the time to look back. Now is the time to make sure that a treatment is discovered to help Power Girl through this crisis.

Some may argue that readers are simply seeing different sides to Power Girl’s personality. However, radical and abrupt shifts in personality are usually due to a physiological illness or psychological trauma according to anonymous imaginary doctors who have treated cases similar to Power Girl’s.

Others may protest that they like the two different “flavors” of Power Girl. And to them I say this: are you willing to risk the life and mind of one of the world’s greatest superheroes simply because you happen to enjoy abrupt personality shifts? Shocking, I say! Shocking!

Ultimately, it may very well be up to Power Girl herself to solve this problem. And I look forward to continuing to read of her adventures in the delightful Power Girl ongoing series and, somewhat grudgingly, in the pages of JSA and JSA: All Stars. Save Power Girl!