Bonobo + Andreya Triana + The Invisible: 5.April.2010 – New York

As Bonobo, Simon Green’s primarily electronic compositions have won critical praise. However, on this latest tour, they’ve been seamlessly translated to the live stage as Green is backed by a band of talented multi-instrumentalists. Opening up with new songs, like “Kiara” and “Kong”, it became evident that everyone on hand was already well versed in the new material, which had only been circulating for a few weeks now. But of course we can’t forget the throwback classics, specifically “Noctuary” and “Days to Come”, which have now been perfected by Bonobo and his band.

About midway through the set, a new face strolled on the stage by the name of Andreya Triana. It’s a name to remember. Even with only three appearances on Black Sands, Triana stole the show. Going through her featured songs, “The Keeper” and “Eyesdown”, the audience was awed by her soothing vocals.

Opening the UK-only lineup was the The Invisible, who really got the crowd moving. Despite my ignorance, it turns out that this three-piece has been making quite a stir across the pond, as they did at the Bowery. Performing some songs of their debut album, it was the perfect warm-up for a dazzling Bonobo performance.

Photos by David Reyneke

The Invisible

Bonobo (with Andreya Triana)