Yeasayer: 3.April.2010 – Washington D.C.

Brooklyn based Yeasayer started the US leg of their tour this weekend at a packed 930 Club in DC. And they put on a phenomenal show. They were tight, but relaxed, disco-y and ridiculously catchy at times, while still engrossingly weird; it was the best show I’ve been to in a while. And also one of the loudest. With a body-shaking synth beat, they were fond of occasionally drowning out some of the finer points of our favorite songs. But maybe I was just standing too close. Towards the end, Chris Keating briefly mocked the Tea Party movement, before he (unnecessarily) back pedaled and said it was cool if you were into that stuff, and quickly started the next song. The group was, however, decidedly in support of heavy beats and an epic show.

Photos by Zach Schwartz

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