Teenage Fanclub – Shadows (new album / MP3)

Teenage Fanclub



Releasing: 8 June

Teenage Fanclub fans who can remember far back enough to when the band was tapped as the Next Big Thing might be astonished to find that the once rambunctious Scots have made it to elder statesmen status, what with the career ups-and-downs and artistic highs-and-lows of the past 20 years. And it seems like the band has eased into its mature years rather comfortably on Shadows, its first album in five years: From the sound of “Baby Lee”, the first track leaked from the forthcoming album, the Fannies have continued to refine and tone down their power pop into pastoral rock, moving further down a road they first took on the underrated Songs from Northern Britain.


01 Sometimes I Don’t Need to Believe in Anything

02 Baby Lee

03 The Fall

04 Into the City

05 Dark Clouds

06 The Past

07 Shock and Awe

08 When I Still Have Thee

09 Live With the Seasons

10 Sweet Days Waiting

11 The Back of My Mind

12 Today Never Ends