Convention Confessional: Pittsburgh, Bound

Andy Smith

Convention Confessional: Andy Smith begins his tour of Pittsburgh Comicon.

Who wouldn't want to go to a Comicon?

Well, possibly a lot of people.

But that's because there are only a few images that may come to mind, and nearly all of them feature an overweight man in a very, very undersized Captain America costume with a shield made out of a pizza box.

You see, I love that guy. But what I also love is the reality of a comicbook convention – the comraderie, the humility and the simple joys associated what that moment in which the doors open and the con-goers begin their assault.

Industry Legends like Joe Sinnott...

The Pittsburgh Comicon hit Monroeville, Penn., this weekend. And, writing this in advance of attending, there are plenty of things I'm looking forward to.

I'm certainly thrilled for panels like “Legends of the Marvel Heydey,” involving creators like Roy Thomas and Joe Sinnott--editors, writers and artists who developed an art form that changed every other medium it touched.

...and Roy Thomas will be making an appearance

I also can't wait to see those rare comicbook issues on display--like Amazing Fantasy #15 and The Brave and the Bold #28--the ones that have gained legendary status in each rarity and signficance.

But there are plenty of things to love at a comic convention, even if your experience with the medium is limited to thumbing through a couple pages at a grocery store.

This is what I will be exploring at the Pittsburgh Comicon this weekend.

Behind the colorful veils and homemade masks are the stories of people who care so much about this form of art. They care enough to drive hundreds of miles to enjoy it. They care enough to listen to the legends of a medium speak about crafting those artifacts of your childhood--even the ones you may have never known existed. They care enough to search through thousands of issues just to find that issue they are looking for.

Comicons may offer the answer to that compelling question: Who should want to go to a Comicon?

Well, everyone.

Let's take a look at why next week.

Andy will be transcribing his experiences. His observations, reflections and interviews will be run as a Graphic Novelties series over the course of next week. -sQ

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