Caribou + Toro Y Moi + Hounds of Hate: 8 May 2010 – New York

Being my third time at Bowery Ballroom in the past month, I was hoping that Caribou and company were ready to spice the place up a bit. Coming off the success of highly acclaimed album, Swim, there was very little doubt in mind that this would be a show for the ages. Setting the pace with some new material, the uptempo tracks had the crowd knocking hips. Especially songs like “Odessa” and “Kaili”, which were already familiar to Caribou’s many fans. But it wasn’t all about dancing. Playing classics like “Melody Day”, the band made it clear that they hadn’t forgotten about their past.

Opening up the night was another personal favorite, Toro Y Moi. Getting into some songs off Causers of This, many fans got their first glimpse of the band on stage. They didn’t posses the same energy as a veteran like Caribou, but signs of potential certainly shined through. The highlight had to have been their performance of “Low Shoulder”, a groovy track that caught most of us off guard. I also wanted to make note of the first opener, a trio by the name of Hounds of Hate. They weren’t bad by any means, but their music didn’t grasp me at any point.