What's the Write Word- music scribe survey part 1

Last Thursday, PopMatters posted the first part of my survey of advice from over 100 music journalists. The second part will appear on Tuesday and the other two parts will each appear each in a week's time- they're going through list alphabetically so you'll have to wait a bit for the "W" writers for instance.

Hope you enjoy some of the material there. As I said in the intro there, it's not a complete list because I couldn't get everyone to answer that I wanted to and also because after I finished, I thought about some writers I should have asked but forgot to. Oh well... Maybe you'll learn something from some of the contributors there. I know that I did and some of the writers in the survey have already written back to say that they did too.

In addition to the writers who contributed, I also wanted to thank these wise souls who recommended other writers for this project: Harry Allen, Nick Green, Linda Kaumeyer, Albert Mudrian, Chris Weingarten.

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