Missed Directions: Summer of DCU Love

DC Comics has kicked off the summer early with a slate of titles that have me feeling high as a kite. Old friends return, old enemies resurface, heroes come back from the dead and that’s just the beginning of the adventure. Summer 2010 has all the makings of a DCU-owned summer. Though, indeed, the path is treacherous and may contain more than a few Missed Directions along the way.

And you, dedicated reader, can count on me to point out every triumph and misstep. Beyond the late spring/early summer release of rock ‘em, sock ‘em Superman: War of the Supermen and The Return of Bruce Wayne (friend of the marketing department) there’s a laundry list of titles that leave me happy I decided to clear my summer calendar.

War In Heaven: A planetful of angry metahumans attacks the DCU this summer.

What am I excited about so far? DC’s banner multi-title effort Brightest Day (the antidote to the overblown Blackest Night series)–and all the good things that come with it. On the top of my summer reading list: The further adventures of the lovely ladies of Birds of Prey who have flown back into the lives of aficionados after a painful series cancellation. Will this four issue run help give new life to this series that should never have gone away to begin with? Here’s to hoping.

Will You Come To My Show: Zatanna is reintegrated into the mainstream DCU

Not only will the Birds of Prey be flying through the summer skies, but the Legion of Superheroes returns reformed and ready to fight for what’s right. Meanwhile, Max Lord has returned from the dead and it’s up to the remaining members of the Justice League International to unravel the mystery in Justice League: Generation Lost (part of the Brightest Day line of titles). Even Zatanna will be casting a spell over summer in her very own title fresh for 2010.

There We Were All In One Place: After the revelations of “Infinite Crisis” the 90s Justice League gets a shot at redemption.

Beyond that, DCU regulars Batgirl, Booster Gold, Power Girl, Supergirl and more will continue their adventures in their own titles and in crossovers with the Justice League and Justice Society of America. And this is only a taste of what’s coming to delight the eyes and minds of readers.

Simply put: For fans of the DCU it’s a good time to be alive.

Join me all this month as I continue to fall further and further into the DC Universe and tell you what works in this grand summer scheme and what, in the end, turns out to be an inspired but, sadly, Missed Direction.