Summer for ‘Supernatural’: News, Rumors, and Speculation

Before Supernatural ended its fifth season a couple of weeks ago, most of its viewers knew that the series had been renewed for another season. The internet buzzed about writer Sera Gamble’s admission that the apocalypse plot would be resolved in the season finale, which was rumored to include the death of a beloved character. Some of its more media savvy fans knew that stars Jensen Ackles (Dean) and Jared Padalecki (Sam) had signed six-year contracts, so rumors spun that either Misha Collins (Castiel) or Jim Beaver (Bobby) would be leaving the show.

On the season finale, Sam allowed himself to be possessed by Satan so he could lead him into a trap that would render him powerless. During the struggle, his half-brother Adam (Jake Abel), who was possessed by the angel Michael, fell into the same trap and they all vanished. Castiel went back to Heaven, and the prophet Chuck stated that Dean gave up the hunting way of life and wouldn’t see Bobby for a long time afterward. As we seen Dean sit down to dinner with his ex-girlfriend and her son, Sam (or something that looked just like him) was standing outside of their home. Then Chuck mysteriously vaporized away.

This left some fans speculating that Chuck was God all along, and the vanishing served as a metaphor for series creator Eric Kripke leaving his show-runner status to writer Sera Gamble. While this hasn’t been ruled out, it has been reported that Kripke will stay involved in the series as a “hands-on executive producer”. Meanwhile, a cryptic Twitter post from actor Jim Beaver left fans thinking that he would be leaving the show. However, it was announced that both he and Misha Collins will stay on as series regulars, with no mention of whether or not Jake Abel will return.

When asked for details on season six, Gamble said that it would focus on the brother’s relationship and feature “lots of meat-and-potatoes close-ended episodes and a season long story arc to weave in.” The biggest spoiler came from the CW themselves, though. The network stated in a press release that Sam escaped from Hell and will convince Dean to start hunting again, but added, “Nothing is what it seems”.

My personal guesses for what’s up ahead involve the Anti-Christ, who was last seen staring at a poster of Australia, wishing he were somewhere else. Plus, what became of Crowley and is Zechariah really dead?

If you’re wondering why Supernatural’s reruns are currently airing on Friday nights, it has to do with this fall. The network has moved the show to Friday in order to pair it up with the final season of Smallville. Taking the show’s previous spot is new series Nikita, a remake of La Femme Nikita. If Nikita gets canceled however, then it’s likely that it will return to its old time slot, after The Vampire Diaries. This worries some fans, who note that Supernatural is one of the networks most successful shows. For the 2009-2010 season, it had the same average amount of viewers aged 18 to 49 as the heavily hyped Gossip Girl.

It still isn’t known when those new episodes will air, but in the meantime, fans can look forward to a new novel in the Supernatural book series. “Supernatural: The War Of The Sons” will hit bookstores on August 20.