Moses: Changes


While Black Sabbath held blues-rock mass for the denim-clad disenfranchised of Birmingham, England, Moses was toiling away hard ‘n’ heavy in Esbjerg, Denmark. And just like their British peers, the Danish stoner trio took two electrifying days out of 1970 to record their debut album. For guitarist Soren Hojbjerg, bassist Jorgen Villadsen and drummer/vocalist Henrik Laurvig, however, it was to remain their sole long player. Released the following year, Changes is a heavy-lidded delight that’s long been coveted, and rightly so, by collectors. With ominously thrumming bass runs, fuzzed-out guitar and dark, propulsive drumming, a slow-burnin’ progressive, acid-blues fuse is lit under songs about murder (“Changes”), and dropping out, tuning in and popping “two feeling good pills” as armageddon rages on “Warning”. This is fabulous mood music for the slightly unhinged and a pleasant reminder never to throw the blues out with the bong water. As Lauvrig screams at the end of the excellent “Everything Is Changed” — “Dig it, hey!”

RATING 8 / 10