Silversun Pickups: 29.June.2010 – Toronto

I remember being instantly hooked when I first heard “Lazy Eye”, released as a single on the radio after its initial release. It’s one of those songs that get stuck on repeat in your head.

I bought the Silversun Pickup’s debut release, Carnavas, soon after and was pleased to discover the band was not simply a one-hit wonder–it’s an excellent album from start to finish.

In Toronto for the second time in less than a year to promote their newest release Swoon, the 4-piece from Los Angeles made it clear they love it here. It was one of the few cities they chose for a second visit and their performance convinced me they meant it. Frontman Brian Aubert’s skill on guitar were on display all evening and it was refreshing to hear him play each song just a little bit different than the record.

Bassist Nikki Monninger added an interesting visual element to the show. Dressed smartly in a blue dress and butterfly broach, she looked more suited for a day at the office than on stage strapped to a bass guitar (with skulls on the strap no less). When she started to play, however, any illusion of her being less than a rock star was blown out the window. Joe Lester on keys and Christopher Guanlao, and his flying arms, on drums completed the sound. Fans were entertained with a well rounded selection of songs that included “Well Thought Out Twinkles”, “There’s No Secrets This Year”, “Panic Switch” and the aforementioned “Lazy Eye” before the band returned for an encore of “Substitution”, “Catch And Release” and, personal favorite, “Common Reactor”. Before all was said and done, the band also announced they would be performing a free show at a secret location in Toronto the next evening. For those fans who couldn’t get enough, they now had nother show to look forward to.