Image Driven: Courtney Love Authorizes New Fashion Blog

Hole’s Courtney Love has found fashion; she recently authorized a new fashion blog. Titled “What Courtney Wore Today”, the blog includes myriad pictures, cartoons, and brief write-ups by unknown persons, Love’s associates presumably. Representative entry: “Note the perfectly aligned Illamasqua rouges! Lashings of blushes! How fab…. is there really an age where one grows too old to use rouge? We doubt it…Also, couture knickers (we know what they cost so they had better be) by Agent Provacatuer!”

Love’s fashion blog is most fascinating, dare I say insightful, because it prominently displays the amount of work that is necessary to make or, again, fashion a particular type of image. There may be an immediate contradiction with Love on this topic, though. For the last decade or so, Love has seemingly been inspired by a lack of fashion or artifice; the inclination to be nude or grossly anti-fashion has thus dominated her. A striptease-like routine has been part of her formula for some time.

David Malitz reviewed Hole’s June Washington D.C. show and claimed: “She quickly became self-conscious and asked the audience for a bra. One came flying onto the stage, and Love removed her top to put it on. She did this at the back corner of the stage, so we could only see her bare back. She then repeatedly talked about how the bra was too big for her.”

Malitz must be rather prudish, out of touch, or perhaps both: Love has played this part for years. (I saw Hole during the Celebrity Skin-era; Love strip-teased the audience then.) She has flashed David Letterman on national television. But Love in 2010 is not the Love of 1998. Her fashion blog will showcase her midlife crisis and her various attempts to fashion a new image. Christopher Hitchens noted in May that, “Everything is image driven.” Love, no doubt, is cognizant of that fact. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, eat your heart out!