Simian Mobile Disco - Is Fixed (new album / MP3)

Simian Mobile Disco

Is Fixed

(Defend Music)

Releasing: 12 October

The UK's Simian Mobile Disco has a new remix CD headed your way this October and they've just made a track available for free download, "Nerve Salad". This is the first release in a planned series of discs celebrating the FIXED parties in New York City.


01 Brain Machine: "Eternal Night"

02 Etienne Jaumet: "For Falling Asleep"

03 Jurek Przezdziecki: "Qwerty Poema"

04 Conrad Schnitzler: "Ballet Statique"

05 André Walter: "Malphas"

06 Bam Bam: "Where’s Your Child?"

07 DJ Hell: "U Can Dance (SMD Mix)"

08 Paul Woolford: "False Prophet"

09 Philip Sherburne: "Salt and Vinegar"

10 Clement Meyer: "Midnight Madness"

11 Simian Mobile Disco: "Nerve Salad"

12 Pantha Du Prince: "Behind the Stars"

13 Hot Chip: "One Life Stand (Carl Craig Mix)"

14 Chateau Flight: "Baroque"

15 SND: "05:36:58"

16 Delia Derbyshire: "Dreams"

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