Your Virtual Fall TV Preview: Mondays

The Event

If you want to know what’s new on primetime TV this fall, stop right here.

This is the time of year when all the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and the CW) put out those cheap, cheesy “preview” specials. They often put them on at odd times, and mostly focus on what seems to be the worst of what they have to offer. Consider this as an improved version of that.

The following are previews of the new shows that will be airing on Monday nights, along with a little background information and some speculation on how long they might last.

At 9 pm time, FOX has the new Texas-based drama, Lone Star. It centers on a rich family who is about to be conned by another shady family.

The network has been heavily promoting this, hoping to turn it into the next The O.C. or more likely, Dallas. It follows the highly successful House, but what soap can compete with the highly publicized Gossip Girl?

Airing at the same time is NBC’s “mystery thriller” The Event. They are purposely keeping details about the plot hushed, but rumor has it that it is a multiple universe, Lost-type of show.

Networks have had trouble with shows that viewers have to keep up with every week, but maybe the star-studded cast (Blair Underwood, Jason Ritter) will bring people in.

At 9:30 pm, CBS is moving The Big Bang Theory to Thursday nights and replacing it with Mike & Molly. Even though Chuck Lorre also created it, why try to fix a time slot that isn’t broke?

Early audiences have been mixed on the concept: two heavy-set singles see each other at an “over-eater’s anonymous” meeting and start dating. Will the show be refreshingly sweet, or full of bitter “fat jokes”?

CBS is moving CSI: Miami to Sunday nights, so a re-make of Hawaii Five-O will be taking the 10 pm timeslot. Moonlight’s Alex O’ Loughlin stars as McGarrett, with Scott Caan as Deno, Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim as Det. Chin Ho Kelly and Battlestar Galactica’s Grace Park as Det. Kono Kalakaua.

The original series ran for 12 years, but audiences usually don’t like new versions of classic shows. However, I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about this one.

NBC plans to air Chase at the same time. It stars Past Life’s Kelli Giddish as the leader of a team of US Marshals.

Chase’s main claim to fame is its co-executive producer, Hollywood bigwig Jerry Bruckheimer. Even still, I haven’t heard much about it, and Hawaii Five-O looks like it will easily get all of the ratings instead.

Coming soon, a look at Tuesday nights.





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