Your Virtual Fall TV Preview: Tuesdays

This is the time of year when all the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and the CW) put out those cheap, cheesy “preview” specials. They often put them on at odd times, and mostly focus on what seems to be the worst of what they have to offer. Consider this as an improved version of that.

The following are previews of the new shows that will be airing on Tuesday nights, along with a little background information and some speculation on how long they might last.

At 8 pm, ABC is offering the drama, No Ordinary Family, in which a typical family discovers that they have superpowers. Imagine a live-action version of The Incredibles, or a more serious TV version of Disney’s Sky High.

Viewers have proven that superhero movies do a lot better than TV shows tied around the same concept. Plus, this is up against one of the highest rated shows (NCIS) and one of the most critically praised (Glee).

FOX begins the 9 pm hour with Raising Hope. It’s a sitcom about a single guy trying to raise his newfound baby daughter with the help of his wacky family. If you liked Malcolm in the Middle or Sons of Tuscon, then you will probably feel the same way about this.

The network has been looking for a successful live-action comedy for quite a while now, but whether the show stays or goes will come down to just how funny it actually is. Don’t be surprised if it is moved to Sunday nights after American Idol starts up again in January.

Immediately following that is Running Wilde. Felicity’s Keri Russell stars as an environmentalist who is wooed by her former friend, (Arrested Development’s Will Arnett) an “absurdly rich” businessman.

Pitting a romantic comedy against Dancing with the Stars and Life Unexpected seems like a bad idea. It could find itself easily moved to another night, or canceled.

ABC will put Detroit 1-8-7 on at 10 pm. In this gritty drama, a (fictional) documentary team follows homicide police as they work the streets and solve crimes.

Since Detroit 1-8-7 is up against critically praised The Good Wife and Parenthood, and ABC has a penchant for quickly canceling underperforming shows, I don’t think this show will last long.

Coming soon, a look at Wednesday nights.