The Hot Toddies: Get Your Heart On

The Hot Toddies
Get Your Heart On
Asian Man Records

Since Best Coast is shaping up to be the Animal Collective of 2010, expect more attention for bands that bring that brand of beach blanket beat. Oakland’s Hot Toddies are four California Gurls tough enough to be on Asian Man Records, but with no compunction about rhyming “Seattle” with “skedaddle” (as they did on their 2007 debut, Smell the Mitten). Fans of Asian Man alumni Alkaline Trio will appreciate Get Your Heart On‘s nod on “Matt Skiba Sandwich”, and the gluten-intolerant should enjoy “Celiac Love Song”. The sweet sing-alongs, with delightfully rudimentary arrangements and lyrics about boys n’ beers, have an endearing “Hey kids, let’s put on a show!” kind of quality. It’s as if Darla and the other girls on The Little Rascals grew up, moved to Malibu and developed an enthusiastic taste for guitars and Guinness. Thank goodness for global warming, because now you’ve got the perfect delayed-summer jams.

RATING 6 / 10