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It's 666 Week at SE&L!

As the Summer slowly sinks into the approaching autumnal colors of the Fall, as the lackluster popcorn efforts of Hollywood May through August get swept under cinema seats in order to make way for the more important Award Season's offerings, SE&L has decided to celebrate the arrival of the Eli Roth produced The Last Exorcism with a week of Devil-oriented delights. First, we will look at how Hollywood drops the ball when it comes to pure depictions of good and evil. Then Ken Russell's masterpiece, The Devils, will be discussed. Next, we will focus on the various cinematic swipes at Satan - both pro and con - before looking at the horrific (or hilarious) acts said imp has caused motion picture personalities to entertain/endure. It all winds up with a look at Exorcism and its found footage frightmare facets. So sit back, get out your copy of The Black Bible and cozy up with a demon or two. It's 666 Week, and the Mark of the Beast is everywhere!

Monday - Giving the Devil His Due?

Tuesday - Like Touching the Dead: Ken Russell's 'The Devils'

Wednesday - Aw Hell: 20 Famous/Infamous Cinematic Satans

Thursday - The Devil Made Them Do It

Friday - ‘The Last Exorcism’ Is True Horror Movie Horror

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