Best Actress Rewind: 1968

Oscar-watcher Matt Mazur dips into the history of this category and compares the Academy nominees with his own (frequently better) nominees!

Oscar Nominees:

Katharine Hepburn ... The Lion in Winter

Patricia Neal ... The Subject was Roses

Vanessa Redgrave ... Isadora

Barbra Streisand ... Funny Girl

Joanne Woodward ... Rachel, Rachel

Mazur Nominees:

Stephane Audran … Les Biches

Mia Farrow … Rosemary’s Baby

Liv Ullmann … Shame

Tuesday Weld … Pretty Poison

Joanne Woodward … Rachel, Rachel

Oscar Winner: Academy voters decreed the single tie in the Best Actress category, ever: Hepburn and Streisand both took home the gold, in a shocking twist. In an even more shocking twist, voters didn't bother to opt for the best of nominees, but for sheer star power.

Mazur Winner: Though a strong case can be made for Farrow, Ullmann or Weld as winners, this year belongs to Mrs. Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, directed lovingly by her husband in Rachel, Rachel. Playing a stock character type -- the small town spinster with one last chance at love -- Woodward defies all conventional wisdom about this kind of woman and plays Rachel with acerbic wit, cautious optimism and deeply-felt warmth. The complexity of the character is perfectly represented by the actress, and fearlessly played.

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