Could These Be the Nominees for the 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Whenever new artists are added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, there is controversy. Last year saw the admission of the Hollies, the Stooges, Jimmy Cliff, and Genesis, but the inclusion of disco group ABBA infuriated some rock ‘n’ roll purists.

This year’s list of nominees will be released on Tuesday, September 28th, with over 500 selected industry insiders choosing which five acts will be honored. With artists or groups ineligible for induction until it has been 25 years since the release of their debut album, here are some possible candidates for the 2011 honors.

Jefferson Starship: Though the Jefferson Airplane has already been inducted, the ’80s incarnation of the band had the hits “Sara” and “We Built This City”, which would make a great closing number for the induction ceremony.


The Jesus & Mary Chain: The Hall hasn’t had many chances to reach out to indie music, so maybe they will induct this group and do themselves a favor.


Alison Krauss: Recently eligible, Krauss made waves several years ago with her Grammy-winning album collaboration with Robert Plant, Raising Sand. The Hall could choose to honor her in order to silence critics who say that the committee avoids country/bluegrass musicians.


Megadeath: The Rock Hall is often criticized for their lack of attention towards heavy metal, so perhaps this controversial Metallica offshoot will be honored.


Faith No More: Another metal band that could be nominated is this genre-crossing outfit that has been influenced by and performed with several big names.


Peter & Gordon: The Rock Hall seems to ignore the musical contributions of many of their inductees during their lifetime, but maybe the death of Gordon Waller in 2009 will turn the board’s attention to the group’s multiple hits. (“I Go to Pieces”, “Woman”, “A World Without Love”, etc.)


Paul Revere & the Raiders: The group had several hits throughout the ’60s and ’70s, (“Kicks”, “Indian Reservation (Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)” and “Hungry”) and they still tour today. Unfortunately, original lead guitarist Drake Levin died last year from cancer.


Donna Summer: She was nominated last year, so maybe this will be the year for the disco queen. “Last Dance” is also a good candidate for the induction concert finale.


LL Cool J: Also nominated last year, LL’s star has risen due to his co-starring role in the hit TV series NCIS: Los Angeles.


The Red Hot Chili Peppers: The influential hip-hop/rock outfit narrowly missed inclusion in last year’s inductees.


Rush: Rush is often brought up in discussions about Hall of Fame snubs, so maybe the board will finally end that talk this year. Not to mention, 2010 saw the release of their acclaimed documentary Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage and the group is currently on tour.


Sting: The Police have already been honored, so it is not too much of a stretch to assume that its lead singer will also eventually be nominated.