Liam Gallagher’s Got His Beady Eye on You

After a year of predictable pomp and circumstance, the Liam Gallagher-fronted Beady Eye launched its first official salvo today with “Bring the Light”. The band, which also includes former Oasis-mates Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock, who took over the drum duties for the mercurial Manchester legends on tour for what is currently their final album, Dig Out Your Soul.

“Bring the Light”, which Beady Eye offered as a free download on their official site this morning, is a steaming slab of rawk with screaming guitars, sassy soul singers and a piano-driven rhythm which comes off like Jerry Lee Lewis fronting the Velvet Underground in a fevered dream by Jason Pierce.

In April, Gallagher said in the NME that Beady Eye would be “a lot more musical than Oasis”, though it’s too early to try and first decipher what that even means, and then apply it to a single release. If anything, the song provides a tasty teaser of what’s to come. It isn’t the earth-shattering return Oasis fans might have been hoping for, but it’s hardly the disaster everyone else predicted, either.

“Bring the Light” meanders and doesn’t really sink its teeth into anything, but it sure is a fun ride.